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SAN over WAN Connectivity

QLogic iSR6142 SAN over WAN Connectivity

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QLogic 6100 Series Routers
QLogic iSR6142 with 2-port Fibre Channel and 2-port ISCSI #ISR6142-CK
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With the QLogic 6100 Series, you can reduce the cost of SAN connectivity, improve ROI on existing SANs, and capture the benefits of storage area networking for the entire enterprise.

  • iSCSI to Fibre Channel connectivity
  • Designed for storage applications that run across WANs
  • Optimized virtualization connectivity with iSCSI
  • Easy SAN connectivity for all servers via iSCSI-to-Fibre Channel routing
  • Low-cost connectivity under $100 per server
  • Manage storage on the SAN, not on multiple servers
  • Migrate easily from DAS to SAN
  • Turns Fibre Channel storage into multi-protocol storage

SAN Over WAN Replication and Data Migration.
The iSR6142 provides SAN over WAN connection for data replication, migration, and disaster recovery. The iSR6142 features SmartWrite, QLogic's patent-pending technology for accelerating replication over iSCSI, based on QLogic's unique Layer 3 SCSI routing capabilities. SmartWrite optimizes key data management and migration operations by increasing the amount of data within a packet and by reducing the total transfer time across the WAN. The iSR6142 sets a new price performance mark in the industry for SAN over WAN connection.

Key Advantages of the iSR6142:

  • Lower WAN costs with SmartWrite
  • Improved ROI by sharing SAN resources globally
  • Improved data transfer performance

Leading Applications for the iSR6142:

  • Disaster recovery for business continuance
  • Data migration for applications
  • Replication of data for backup
  • Shared SAN devices to improve utilization
  • Connected SAN islands over WANS and LANs

SAN Bridging for Improving SAN Utilization and ROI.
The iSR6142 is the ideal tool to expand the reach and connectivity of SANs by bridging SAN fabrics. It enables sharing SAN devices independently across SAN fabrics. By providing true SAN independence, the iSR6142 improves SAN scalability. The iSR6142 offers unparalleled ease of integration, based on the same proven QLogic ASIC technology that powers over 50 million storage products sold by leading storage vendors. IT managers can now connect SAN devices across any vendor's SAN infrastructure, improving utilization and SAN ROI.

Features and Beneftis:


  • Optimizes SAN over WAN transfer to improve performance and reduces costs. SmartWrite™ helps improve SAN over WAN performance by reducing the latency of WAN transfers. The iSR6142 increases productivity by optimizing data transfers, sharing devices, and replicating data.
  • Increases ROI by enabling SANs to grow and scale independently. Many other SAN extension solutions merge SAN fabrics, which limits the number of SAN switches and devices. The iSR6142 removes the limitations of a single name service.
  • Easy to use and own, with advanced install and configuration wizards that allow set up in less than 15 minutes. The iSR6142 is very power efficient, using only 48W, and helps reduce power and cooling versus competitive products
  • Improves data protection. The iSR6142, with Smart Write and FCIP support, has been tested and certified with leading replication and data management applications from EMC, HDS, Symantec/Veritas, IBM, Legato, HP, NetApp, and many more.


  • QLogic's iSR6142 multi-protocol router provides low-cost bridging and routing services that connect SAN islands across the enterprise. This enables IT managers to improve the performance and lower the cost of data protection, replication, SAN extension and disaster recovery.
  • The iSR6142 provides SAN connectivity over WANs by routing Fibre Channel over standard Ethernet, expanding and bridging SANs around the globe.

Technical Specifications:

Model iSR6142
  • SmartWrite
  • iSCSI to FCP
  • FCIP
  • CHAP security and authentication
Interface Specifications
Gigabit Ethernet
  • Two ports: copper 1000 BaseT, RJ45
  • Full duplex, auto negotiating 100/1000 Mbps
Fibre Channel
  • Two optical ports, Full duplex
  • Auto negotiation: 2 Gbps or 1 Gbps
  • N_ports, NL_ports, F_ports, FL_ports, E_ports
  • Class 2, 3 connectionless
Management port
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT with RJ45
  • RS-232 serial port with RJ45
Performance Features
Fibre Channel port speed 2-Gbps, full-duplex, auto negotiating for existing 2/1-Gbps devices
Ethernet/iSCSI port speed 1-Gbps, full-duplex, auto negotiating for existing 100/1000-Mbps devices
Maximum data rate 320 MBps aggregate
Input/output operations per second (IOPS) 35,000 aggregate
Ports per chassis
  • Two FC, Two Ethernet/iSCSI
  • FC: hot-pluggable, standard SFPs
  • Ethernet/iSCSI: RJ45
Supported SFP types
  • Shortwave (optical)
  • Longwave (optical)
Cable types
  • Optical (FCI): 50/62.5 micron multi-mode fiber
  • 9 micron single-mode fiber
  • Unshielded twisted pair (Ethernet/iSCSI)
  • Cat 5e or better
  • Compatible with FC-SW-2 complaint switches
  • Management interoperability with leading SAN management applications
Device Management
Management methods
  • Wizard-based configuration tools
  • Command line interface (CLI)
  • SNMP and SMI-S
Access methods Dedicated out-of-band Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, RJ45
Diagnostics Power-on self-test (POST) of all functions except media modules
User interface LED indicators, CLI, and web utilities
iSCSI Initiator Support
Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008
  • SPARC 2.6, 8, 9, 10
  • x86
  • Red Hat AS 3, 4, 5
  • SUSE Enterprise Server 8, 9, 10
VMware ESX Server v3.x
HP-UX HP-UX 9, 10
QLogic 4010, 4050, 4052, 4060, 4062
Apple OS X (via ATTO driver)
Physical and Power Specifications
Enclosure types/options Optional side-by-side rack mount kit
  • Width: 177.8 mm (7.00") – half rack
  • Height: 42.16 mm (1.66") (1U)
  • Depth: 243.58 mm (9.59")
Power supply
  • 48W maximum (optics included)
  • 100 VAC to 240 VAC; 50 Hz to 60 Hz
  • 0.5A at 100–125 VAC; 0.25A at 200–240 VAC
Cooling Two fans with back-to-front airflow
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature +5°C to +40°C (41°F to 104° F)
Non-Operating Temperature -40°C to +70°C (-40°F to 158° F)
Operating Humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Humidity 5% to 93% (non-condensing)
Operating Altitude 0 to +10,000 feet
Non-Operating Altitude 0 to +50,000 feet
Operating Vibration IEC 68-2, 5-500Hz, random, 0.21G rms, 10 minutes
Non-Operating Vibration IEC 68-2, 5-500Hz, random, 2.09G rms, 10 minutes
Operating Shock IEC 68-2, 4g, 11ms, 20 repetitions
Non-Operating Shock IEC 68-3, 30g, 292 ips, 3 repetitions, 3 axis
Agency Approvals
  • UL 60950 (USA)
  • CSA 22.2 No. 60950 (Canada)
  • EN 60950 (EC)
  • CB Scheme-IEC 60950


PDF File
Download the QLogic iSR6142 Router Datasheet (PDF).


QLogic Products
QLogic 6100 Series Routers
QLogic iSR6142 with 2-port Fibre Channel and 2-port ISCSI #ISR6142-CK
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