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QLogic iSCSI Adapters
The Industry Leader in Storage Networking

QLogic iSCSI Adapters provide best-in-class performance for iSCSI storage traffic and complete offload of TCP/IP traffic.

QLogic 4000 Series

QLogic’s 4000 Series 1GbE iSCSI Adapters provide SAN connectivity over Ethernet and TCP/IP network infrastructures. Both the iSCSI and TCP/IP processing functions are performed on the adapters and not on the host server CPU. By offloading these functions to the QLogic 4000 Series Adapters, more host server CPU processing power is available to server applications, thus increasing the overall iSCSI SAN performance.

QLogic 4000 Series
PCI Express
Single-port 1GbE iSCSI / Network-to-x4 PCI Express Adapter, Copper
Dual-port 1GbE iSCSI / Network-to-x4 PCI Express Adapter, Copper