QLogic - The Ultimate in PerformanceQLogic SANbox 9100 Series
Stackable Modular Fibre Channel Switch - 1 CPU

QLogic SANbox 9100 Series Stackable Modular Fibre Channel Switch

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QLogic 9000 Series Switches
QLogic SANbox SB9100 Fibre Channel Switch Chassis, 1 CPU, No I/O Blades, Front-to-Back Airflow, ESM License #SB9100-00A-E
List Price: $40,055.00
Our Price: $23,683.00
QLogic SANbox SB9100 Fibre Channel Switch Chassis, 1 CPU, No I/O Blades, Back-to-Front Airflow #SB9100-00B
List Price: $40,055.00
Our Price: $23,667.00

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The QLogic Stackable Modular Fibre Channel Switch is ideal for cost sensitive, business-critical, open system environments that require a high-density, high-availability switch platform for their datacenter core. The QLogic 9000 Series pioneers a number of industry firsts: stackable for simple, cost-effective scalability, 4U chassis for smaller footprint, and management tools included at no charge.

The switch scales to 256 Fibre Channel ports in an 8U dual chassis module HyperStack configuration with absolutely no blocking between the two HyperStack modules.

  • Performance and reliability of a chassis switch without the high price of a traditional Director switch
  • 8Gb, 4Gb or 10Gb blade options
  • Enterprise Fabric Suite management
  • Industry's only core switch with a compact, 4U chassis
  • HyperStack technology brings stackable scalability to core switches
  • Included with every switch is a powerful suite of enterprise-class management tools that others charge you for using
  • Lower power consumption and smaller rack space footprint

SANbox Product Family

The new look for powerful, easy to manage fabrics
The SANbox 9000 is the flagship in the SANbox line of fabric switches and intelligent storage router platforms. As individual components, every QLogic SANbox part delivers the advantages of a best-in-class, standalone product solution. Working together as an intelligent, integrated network solution under the Enterprise Fabric Suite (EFS) software umbrella, they are easy to deploy and administrator. EFS makes your SAN perform better, too. That's why the entire QLogic SANbox line won the Windows® IT Pro "Readers Choice" award. For your switched Fibre Channel fabric, you can count on QLogic for exactly the right switch…from the core, to the distribution layer, to the edge. For low-cost local and remote server IP network connectivity, QLogic iSRs boost utilization while driving down cost and complexity. Most importantly, you ensure an open environment that can transparently accommodate multiple vendors, new solutions, and future flexibility.

SANbox 9000 Product Overview

HyperStack Architecture
The SANbox 9000 Series stackable chassis switch is a new class of core switch that enables solutions with the 99.999 percent availability, blazing performance, and easy scalability of a Director — but without the large footprint and high TCO.

What makes it all possible is the SANbox 9000 architecture that features:

  • HyperStack: Four 200Gb dedicated backplane-to-backplane interconnects between chassis modules
  • High Bandwidth Chassis: 1.6Tb of backplane bandwidth for a dual chassis HyperStack configuration
  • Redundancy: Redundant CPU, power supply, and fan blades, including the ability to hot-swap replace by a customer
  • Compact: Up to 128 ports in only 4U of rack space, 256 ports in 8U-HyperStack
  • Ultra-High Availability: Optional fault tolerant transparent CPU failover feature for any SB9200 module

SANbox 9000 rear plugin

Features and Benefits:


  • 16 to 128 ports in a single 4U chassis
  • 256 ports in a dual-chassis 8U HyperStack™
  • Mix and match Fibre Channel I/O blades
    • 8Gb or 4Gb blades for server/storage connections (16 ports each)
    • 10Gb blades for auto-trunking links to other switches (4 ports each)
  • Intelligent Storage Router Modules: iSCSI for connecting low-cost servers and FCIP for replicating data across a WAN.


  • Dual CPU option – True director-class redundancy with failover is now affordable for open system SANs. No large edge switch can compare!
  • Hot-swappable I/O blades – Easy, non-disruptive expansion and maintenance
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans

Low Cost of Ownership

  • Pricing begins well under $100K
  • 16-port entry point
  • More standard features at no charge, fewer software licenses
  • Customer Replaceable Units (CRUs) ensure simplicity, economy
  • Lower power consumption, smaller rack space footprint, lower weight

Powerful Included Software

  • QuickTools™ gets you up and running in minutes.
  • Enterprise Fabric Suite™ 2007 helps you set up, monitor, tune, troubleshoot and service an unlimited number of large fabrics.
  • Adaptive Trunking, RSCN suppression, Drag-and-drop Zoning Wizard, Extended Distance and more at no extra charge
  • Advanced Fabric Security – Protect your data with the right mix of easyto- implement features:
    • User security
    • Connection security
    • Device security

Blazing Performance

  • 800-Gbps backplane capacity in a single chassis module or 1.6 Tbps for a dual-module HyperStack.
  • Over 2.17 Tbps total system bandwidth with 4Gb blades or 4.35 Tbps with 8Gb blades.
  • Industry's lowest latency plus "No-Wait" routing for maximum transaction performance. Powerful embedded CPU and I/O blade ASICs.
  • Enables high performance computing, video, and satellite capture data streaming applications

Customer Replaceable Units

  • The industry's first stackable chassis switch designed for the convenience, simplicity, and economies of CRUs for key components.
  • Redundant, hot-pluggable CPU, power supply, fan, and I/O Blades; Non-Disruptive Code Load and Activation (NDCLA) in support of 24x7 high availability operations.

Ultra-High Availability

  • Ensure ultra-high 99.999 percent availability for your missioncritical applications with the optional Fault Tolerant (FT) transparent CPU failover feature for the SB9200 dual-CPU models.

Low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

  • All the enterprise-class benefits of a modular chassis switch with revolutionary pricing that starts under $100K.
  • Architected for long-term investment flexibility and protection to deliver a previously unachievable reduction in TCO.
  • High density FC I/O Blade slots are not sacrificed for IP support. Rather, half-wide 1U SANbox 6000 series intelligent Storage Router (iSR) "modules" are utilized for low density/low cost iSCSI and FCIP ports (see the Storage Routers section at http://www.qlogic.com/Products/SAN_products_storagerouters. aspx).
  • For SAN administrators who have invested in multi-vendor fabrics, the SANbox 9000 is interoperable with all FC-SW-2 compliant Fibre Channel Director, Distribution, and Edge Class switches as well as with popular servers, storage, and networking products from major manufacturers.
  • Minimize management costs with easy-to-use and comprehensive Command Line Interface (CLI), QuickTools embedded web interface, and Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 software tools included with every SANbox 9000 switch.
  • Take a significant bite out of your operating costs as a result of the SANbox 9000's low power and cooling requirements, minimal footprint, and all-encompassing service plans.

Fabric Management Software:

With wizard-based installation and configuration tools, the SANbox 9000 stackable chassis switch is the easiest to install and easiest to manage core switch on the planet. But for large fabrics where management becomes complicated, the SANbox 9000 series includes a comprehensive and powerful suite of management tools.

For point-and-click management, the tools are accessible from a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI). And for the SAN experts, a comprehensive Command Line Interface (CLI) is available. Plus, integration with your favorite third-party applications is made easy with QLogic SANbox APIs, or the industry-compliant SMI-S agent.

Fabric Management Software

QuickTools Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007
QuickTools is an embedded Java® web applet for device discovery, device management, zoning, and fabric management. A configuration wizard walks users through switch setup and configuration. A zoning wizard provides simple drag-and-drop zoning with fast activation to get the switch ready for immediate use.

Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 is a suite of tools for setup, configuration, zoning, fabric management, fabric monitoring, performance monitoring, and configuring extended distance capability. Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 can manage an unlimited number of switches and fabrics from a single console.
Adaptive Trunking Fabric Security
Adaptive Trunking guarantees extremely high performance while eliminating the need to manually configure and maintain ISL aggregation groups. Effective ISL routing and utilization is essential to achieving Return on Investment (ROI) in mid- to large-scale SANs. QLogic's Adaptive Trunking comes standard with all SANbox 9000 series switches. Fabric Security offers the right mix of protection features for user security, connection security, and device security. RADIUS authentication is supported so that separate user names and passwords don't have to be managed. The data path for switch management communication is encrypted using Secure SHell (SSH) for CLI and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007, QuickTools, and SMI-S. Users can setup device connection security to control what devices have access to the switch. ISL and port authentication is achieved using Fibre Channel-Security Protocol (FC-SP) and DH-CHAP. Additional device authentication is performed using FC-GS-4 CT.
SANdoctor™ provides a comprehensive set of diagnostic tools for troubleshooting fabric problems. FC Ping verifies that a functional path exists between two ports. FC Trace Route displays path information between a source and a destination. Digital Diagnostics Monitoring displays SFP, X2, and XPAK transceiver data to determine if variables are within operational limits.  


Open Systems Enterprise

With hundreds of ports, support for solutions that require 99.999 percent availability and 1.6 terabits of bandwidth, the QLogic SANbox 9000 is Designed to the Core for the open systems enterprise.

Open Systems Enterprise

Designed to the Core for Open Systems

Data center managers in mainframe environments are responsible for connecting large numbers of servers and storage systems. They pay a premium for servers, storage, and Director switches that support proprietary mainframe protocols.

Data center managers in open systems environments also want high availability, high performance, and scalability. However, they expect products built on open standards to be substantially more cost effective: less complex, more flexible, and easier to use.

Reliable, fast, modular, and incredibly cost effective, the QLogic SANbox line of Core-to-Edge fabric switch modules and intelligent storage router modules are Designed to the Core for the open enterprise.

Technical Specifications:

Model SB9100 SB9200
Power supply/cooling
  • Hot-Pluggable/Dual-Redundant power supply blades with integrated cooling fans
    • Dual 7'6" long 3-wire 16AWG power cables with IEC320 input connector
    • Popular international country dual power cable/connector kit options available
  • Hot-Pluggable/Dual-Redundant fan blades
  • Back-to-Front and Front-to-Back Airflow Direction Models available
  • 150-cfm airflow
  • 1,000 watts or 3,414 BTU/hour rating per power supply
Dimensions Width: 431 mm (17.0") 19" rack mountable
Height: 179 mm (7.0") (4U)
Depth: 673 mm (26.5")
Width: 431 mm (17.0") 19" rack mountable
Height: 179 mm (7.0") (4U)
Depth: 673 mm (26.5")
Weight 40.82 kg (90 lbs) 40.82 kg (90 lbs)
Enclosure chassis module/blade packaging
  • Standard Rack Mountable Chassis Module
    • Includes adjustable forward/reverse Mounting Rail/Racking kit and dual power cords
  • I/O Blades
    • Standard and optional I/O Blades do NOT Include SFPs, X2 transceivers, or copper/ optical cables (orderable separately)
  • Hardware and Software License Field Upgradeability:
    • SB9100 ENTRY Model to SB9200 BASE Model
    • SB9200 Model to SB9200 Fault Tolerant Model
    • One SB9200 BASE Model to Dual HyperStack Model
    • Two SB9200 BASE Models to Dual HyperStack Model
Heat output - 2,046 BTU/hour at 128-ports 4Gb Fibre Channel
Electrical Requirements
Operating voltage/frequency
  • 100 to 240 VAC auto-sensing, single phase
  • 47 to 63Hz
Power source loading -
  • 10 Amps at 100 VAC
  • 4.2 Amps at 240 VAC
Operating load with no data traffic -
  • 550 Watts at 128-ports 4Gb Fibre Channel (including SFPs)
  • 1,120 watts at 256-ports 4-Gb Fibre Channel HyperStack (including SFPs)
Operating load with full data traffic -
  • 600 Watts at 128-ports 4Gb Fibre Channel (including SFPs and "local switching")
  • 1,240 watts at 256-ports 4-Gb Fibre Channel HyperStack (including SFPs and "local switching")
Circuit protection Internally fused
Performance Features
Fabric Port Speeds
  • 4Gb I/O Blade (SB9004-4G) @ 1.0625, 2.125, and 4.250 Gbps
    • Auto sensing of 1, 2, and 4 Gbps port speeds
    • Optionally programmable to fixed port speed
  • 8Gb I/O Blade (SB9004-8G) @ 1.0625, 2.125, 4.250, and 8.50 Gbps
    • Auto sensing of 1, 2, 4 and 8 Gbps port speeds
    • Optionally programmable to fixed port speed
  • FC10G4 I/O Blades @ 12.75 Gbps
FC fabric latency (best case)
  • 4Gb I/O blade (SB9004-4G): <0.3μsec @ 4 Gbps
  • 8Gb I/O blade (SB9008-8G): <0.2μsec @ 8 Gbps
  • 10Gb I/O blade (SB9010-10G): <0.2μsec @ 10 Gbps
Fabric point-to-point bandwidth
  • 212MB/s Full-Duplex on 1Gb ports
  • 424MB/s Full-Duplex on 2Gb ports
  • 850MB/s Full-Duplex on 4Gb ports
  • 1700MB/s Full-Duplex on 8Gb ports
  • 2550MB/s Full-Duplex on 10Gb ports
System bandwidth Backplane switching capacity
  • SB9100 Model – 408 Gbps, full-duplex
  • Non-blocking HyperStack architecture

Local switching capacity

  • SB9100, 4Gb blades – 1088 Gbps
  • SB9100, 8Gb blades – 2176 Gbps
Backplane switching capacity
  • SB9200 Model – 816 Gbps, full-duplex
  • 2X SB9200 HyperStack – 1632 Gbps, fullduplex
  • Non-blocking HyperStack architecture

Local switching capacity

  • SB9200. 4Gb blades – 2176 Gbps
  • SB9200, 8Gb blades – 4352 Gbps
Maximum frame sizes
  • 2148 bytes (2112 byte payload)
  • In-order delivery assured within OX-ID
Per-port buffering
  • ASIC-embedded memory (non-shared)
  • Each port has a guaranteed 16-credit zero wait state buffer for full performance up to 13km @ 2Gb and 2Km @ 10Gb
  • Buffer credit donor support via software GUI wizard to extend distance with full performance as shown in the Extended Distance Donor Buffer Credit Allocation table on page 12
ISL trunking
  • Supports aggregation of up to 128 ISLs in one or more trunks between multiple switches in any port speed combination and across multiple I/O Blades
    • 10Gb recommended to maximize number of usable 8/4/2/1Gb server/storage ports on both SANbox 5000 series and 9000 series switches
  • Switch-On-Exchange (SOE) mode for dynamic ISL trunk load balancing to maximize throughput
    • Assured in-order delivery of frames in all multi-switch and multi-ISL trunked configurations
    • Adaptive Trunking to improve efficiency via optimal routing across multiple trunk groups
    • Intelligent Path Selection (IPS) on all 10Gbps and 8/4/2/1Gbps ISL trunk ports
  • Automatic configuration of ISL trunks including multi-hop paths between multiple switches
    • Supports all multi-switch fabric topologies including stack, cascade, cascaded loop, and mesh
    • Adaptive Trunking to improve efficiency via optimal routing across multiple trunk groups
    • Up to 239 switches depending on configuration
  • Non-disruptive dynamic addition of ISLs to an existing trunk
  • High availability with automatic path failover
System processor 800 MHz Power PC® processor
I/O Blade processor 400 MHz Power PC processor
Modular Scalability
Ports per chassis module
  • 16 to 128 FC 8/4/2/1 Gbps ports
  • 4 to 32 FC 10 Gbps ports
  • Full Blade intermix support, maximum eight Blades, all Blades hot-pluggable
  • >475,000 user ports depending on configuration
Ports per rack Up to 1,280 ports per 42U rack
Chassis module HyperStack
  • Two BASE Model SB9200 chassis modules via four proprietary HyperStack cables
    • Two domains
    • Up to 256 Fibre Channel 8/4/2/1 Gbps ports
Multi-switch fabrics
  • Supports all topologies, including: stack, cascade, cascaded loop, and mesh
  • Maximum 239 switches (domain IDs) depending on configuration
Fabric port types
  • All ports are universal, auto-discovering, selfconfiguring and can assume the following states:
    • F_Port: Fabric (N_Port ID Virtualization [NPIV] support automatically enabled) with up to 255 NPIVs per port
    • FL_Port: Fabric loop (public loop)
    • E_Port: Switch-to-switch
Administrative port types
  • G_Port: Generic
  • GL_Port: Generic loop
Port security
  • Port binding via list of WWNs (up to 32) allowed access to a port
  • ISL and port authentication via FC-SP and DHCHAP
Port statistics
  • Configuration and operational data
  • Transmitted and received frame counts
  • Transmitted and received error counts
Media type (ordered separately)
  • 8Gb I/O blade (SB9008-8G) – Hot-pluggable, industry standard 3.3 volt SFP+ transceivers (for 8 Gbps speed) or SFP transceivers (for 4 and 2 Gbps speed)
  • 4Gb I/O blade (SB9004-4G) – Hot-pluggable, industry standard 3.3 volt SFPs for 4/2/1 Gbps speeds
  • 10Gb I/O blade (SB9010-10G) – Hot-pluggable, indusatry-standard X2 optical transceivers or X2 copper ISL cables for 10 Gbps speed
Supported SFP transceiver types
  • Short Wave (optical)
  • Long Wave (optical)
  • Active/Passive Copper (8/4/2Gb)
Supported X2 transceiver types
  • Short Wave (optical)
  • Long Wave (optical)
Media transmission ranges (@ 10Gbps speeds)
  • Optical Media
    • Short Wave: 300 m (984 ft.)
    • Long Wave: 8.34 km (5.18 miles)
Optical cable types (4Gb, 8Gb, and 10Gb)
  • 50/62.5 micron multimode fiber optic
  • 9 micron single-mode fiber optic
  • Fully interoperable with all QLogic SANbox switch products
  • Compatible with FC-SW-2 compliant switches, including Brocade, Cisco and McDATA
  • Management interoperability with leading SAN management applications
  • FCIA SANmark and SNIA SMI-S certified
    • SCD-3001v2a1 (E_Port)
    • SCD-3002v2 (FL_Port)
    • SCD-3010v1 (RSCN)
    • SCD-3020v1 (Zoning)
  • Certified with leading SAN hardware and software vendors. Visit www.qlogic.com/ interoperability/interoperability.aspx for a comprehensive listing
Fabric Specifications
Fibre Channel protocols
  • Physical Interface (FC-PI-3)
  • Line Services (FC-LS)
  • Framing & Signaling (FC-FS-2)
  • Generic Services (FC-GS/FC-GS-2/FC-GS-3/FCGS- 4/FC-GS-5)
  • Switch Fabric (FC-SW-2/FC-SW-3/FC-SW-4), except for enhanced zoning
  • Arbitrated Loop Rev. 4.6 (FC-AL)
  • Arbitrated Loop-2 Rev. 7.0 (FC-AL-2)
  • Fibre Loop Attachment (FC-FLA)
  • Tape Technical Report (FC-Tape)
  • Virtual Interface Architecture Mapping (FC-VI)
  • Fabric Element MIB Specification (RFC 2837)
  • Fibre Alliance MIB Specification (Version 4.0)
  • Methodologies for Interconnects (FC-MI-2)
  • Device Attach (FC-DA)
  • Security Protocols (FC-SP)
Fibre Channel classes of service Class 2, Class 3, and Class F (inter-switch frames) connectionless Fibre Channel protocol support
Modes of Operation
  • Fabric
  • Public loop
  • Broadcast
Fabric Services
Software releases
  • QuickTools version 7.08.XX or later
  • Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 version 7.08.XX or later
  • Switch Firmware version 7.8.XX or later
Ethernet connections
  • CPU Blade: RJ-45 Ethernet connector on each CPU Blade on back of chassis module
  • Maintenance Panel: Two alternate RJ-45 Ethernet connectors on Maintenance Panel on front of chassis module
  • IPv6 support
Management methods
  • Enterprise Fabric Suite 2007 GUI
  • QuickTools web applet
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • CLI
  • GS-4 Management Server (including FDMI)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
  • Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S)
Fabric security
  • Fabric binding via list of allowed domain IDs and switch WWNs
  • Inter-switch management communication data path encryption
    • SSH for CLI
    • SSL for QuickTools, EFS 2007, and SMI-S
  • Device, Host, and Switch Authentication
    • Local security database configuration, or
    • Remote authentication via a RADIUS Server
    • Additional MS request authentication via FCGS4 CT authentication
    • Enable/Disable in-band management of switch
Registered State Change Notification (RSCN)
  • RSCNs are generated per standard (FC-GS, FCFS, FC-SW, etc.)
  • Delayed to allow consolidation into single RSCN
  • QLogic I/O StreamGuard™ suppresses RSCNs between initiators
Fabric diagnostics Optional SANdoctor™ software package
Call Home
  • Switch initiated problem message notification to multiple end-user e-mail boxes
  • Message content criteria selectable by log event level (fault, alarm, critical, warning)
  • Up to 25 profiles; up to 10 e-mail recipients per profile
  • Message queue, status, and history statistics can be queried
  • Ability to test a new/changed Call Home profile and view log failures
  • Operates an SMTP client to transfer e-mail messages to designated SMTP servers via TCP/ IP interconnect
  • Call Home directly to QLogic worldwide Technical Support Center coming in mid-CY2008
Maintenance strategy
  • Hot-pluggable CRUs per chassis module
    • SFP & X2 transceivers
    • I/O Blades (eight maximum, three types w/ Intermix)
    • CPU Blades (two w/Model SB9200, one w/ Model SB9100)
    • Power supply blades (two)
    • Fan blades (two)
  • Enhanced data integrity on all data paths
  • Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) rerouting around failed links
  • Integration with SNMP managers
  • Non-disruptive "hot" firmware code load and activation (NDCLA)
  • Easy configuration, save, and restore
  • E-mail Call Home system initiated alarm/fault notification
Maintenance access methods
  • Single point in-band management with autodiscovery across multiple switches via software GUI
  • One out-of-band Ethernet 10/100Mb BaseT RJ-45 management port per CPU Blade, each replicated on Maintenance Panel
  • One RJ-45 serial port per CPU Blade (RJ-45 to DB-9 conversion dongle included)
  • FC-GS4 Management Server
  • Power-On Self-Test (POST) tests all functional components except SFP and X2 transceivers
  • Optional SANdoctor fabric diagnostics software
    • FC Ping: verifies functional path existence between two ports
    • FC Trace Route: displays path information between a source and destination
    • Digital Diagnostics Monitoring: displays realtime SFP, X2, and XPAK transceiver data
Visual user interface LED indicators on the Maintenance Panel, I/O Blades, CPU blade(s), power supply blades, and fan blades
Maintenance Panel (MP) Dual redundant Maintenance Panel EPROMs maintain chassis-specific information (such as WWN, SNMP system object ID, serial number, part number, etc.), alternate Ethernet management interface ports, and LED summary status information for the switch
Global services1
  • Standard one year hardware/firmware warranty
  • SAN Pro Service and Support Programs
    • SAN Pro Preferred standard on BASE Model SB9200 & ENTRY Model SB9100: Next Business Day (NBD) Advanced Delivery spares, 24x7 technical phone support
    • Optional: upgrades to SAN Pro Choice (NBD Onsite Replacement) and SAN Pro Prime (4-hour Onsite Replacement) available for a fee
Environmental and Equipment Specifications
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
Non-Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40° to 158 °F)
Operating Humidity 15% to 80% (non-condensing)
Non-Operating Humidity 5% to 90% (non-condensing)
Operating Altitude 0 to 3048m (0 to 10,000 feet)
Non-Operating Altitude 0 to 15,240m (0 to 50,000 feet)
Operating Vibration IEC 68-2, 5-500 Hz, random, 0.21g RMS, 10 minutes
Non-Operating Vibration IEC 68-2: 5-500 Hz, random, 2.1g RMS,10 minutes
Operating Shock IEC 68-2: 4g, 11ms, 20 repetitions
Non-Operating Shock IEC 68-2: 30g, 13 msec, trapezoidal pulse
Regulatory Certifications
Safety standards
  • UL 60950-1 – UL Listed (United States)
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1 – cUL Listed (Canada)
  • EN60950-1 (EC)
  • CB Scheme-IEC 60950-1 (International)
Emissions standards
  • FCC Part 15B Class A (USA)
  • VCCI Class A ITE (Japan)
  • ICES-003 Class A ITE (Canada)
  • EN 55022 Level A (EC)
  • CISPR 22, Class A (International)
Environmental standards RoHS-5/WEEE (EU & Japan)
Voltage fluctuations EN 61000-3-3
Harmonics EN 61000-3-2
Immunity EN 55024
  • FCC Part 15, UL (United States)
  • cUL, CUE, TUV (Canada)
  • TUV , CUE, CE (EC)
  • VCCI-A (Japan)
  • C-Tick (AUS/NZ)

I/O Blades:

Each modular SANbox 9000 chassis features eight slots for any mix of 4Gb, 8Gb, or 10Gb Fibre Channel I/O Blades.

Multiple Technologies — One Modular Architecture
Multiple Technologies — One Modular Architecture

The SANbox 9000 stackable chassis switch gives customers ultimate flexibility to deploy the bandwidth and connectivity configurations that make sense for their environments.

Fibre Channel (FC) I/O Blades

4Gb FC I/O Blade 4Gb FC I/O Blade — 16 Ports x 4Gb Fibre Channel
The 4Gb FC Blade includes sixteen 4Gb/2Gb/1Gb auto-sensing Fibre Channel ports. Mix and match any combination of blades for up to 128 ports per chassis module – or 256 ports in a dual-chassis HyperStack.
8Gb FC I/O Blade 8Gb FC I/O Blade — 16 Ports x 8Gb Fibre Channel
The 8Gb FC Blade includes sixteen 8Gb/4Gb/2Gb auto-sensing Fibre Channel ports. Mix and match any combination of blades for up to 128 ports per chassis module – or 256 ports in a dual-chassis HyperStack.
10Gb FC I/O Blade 10Gb FC I/O Blade — 4 Ports x 10Gb Fibre Channel
The 10Gb FC Blade includes four 10Gb Fibre Channel ports. Configure SANbox 9000 slots with 10Gb FC Blades for high-speed ISL connectivity from the core to the distribution, or edge tiers with SANbox 5000 stackable switches.

iSCSI and FCIP I/O Modules

iSCSI and FCIP I/O Modules iSCSI and FCIP I/O Modules — 2 Ports x 1Gb Ethernet + 2 Ports x 2Gb Fibre Channel
QLogic has chosen not to sacrifice valuable high-density FC I/O Blade slots for IP support. Instead, external half-wide 1U SANbox 6000 series iSR "modules" are utilized for low-density/low-cost iSCSI and FCIP ports (see http://www.qlogic.com/Products/SAN_products_storagerouters. aspx). Even at 4 + 1 = 5U, the SANbox 9000 Director switch is still the most rack efficient and rack-mount flexible multi-protocol solution in the industry

Extended Distance Donor Buffer Credit Allocation:

Buffer Credit Allocation Per I/O Blade
Donor Ports 1/2/4 Gb/sec 10 Gb/sec Distance @
1 Gbps
Distance @
2 Gpbs
Distance @
4 Gpbs
Distance @
8 Gpbs
Distance @
10 Gb
0 16 16 26km 13km 6km 3km 2km
1 30 30 50km 25km 12.5km 6.25km 4.17km
2 45 45 75km 37.5km 18.75km 9.375km 6.25km
3 60 60 100km 50km 25km 12.5km 8.34km
4 75 125km 62.5km 31.25km 15.625km
5 90 150km 75km 37.5km 18.75km
6 105 175km 87.5km 43.75km 21.875km
7 120 200km 100km 50km 25km
8 135 225km 112.5km 56.35km 28.175km
9 150 250km 125km 62.5km 31.25km
10 165 275km 137.5km 68.75km 34.375km
11 180 300km 150km 75km 37.5km
12 195 325km 162.5km 81.25km 40.625km
13 210 350km 175km 87.5km 43.75km
14 225 375km 187.5km 93.75km 46.875km
15 240 400km 200km 100km 50km
  • Each 4Gb, 8Gb, or 10Gb port is supported by a data buffer with a 16 credit base capacity (that is, 16 maximum sized frames).
  • Longer distances can be spanned at full bandwidth on 1/2/4/8Gb or 10Gb ports by extending buffer credits to G_Ports, F_Ports and E_Ports (per table above).
  • Each 1/2/4/8Gb or 10Gb port on an I/O Blade can donate up to 15 of their 16 base buffer credits which a recipient port on the same I/O Blade can borrow.
  • The recipient port also loses a single base buffer credit in the process.
  • Prerequisite minimum cable lengths apply as well.
SB9000 Series Minimum Configuration
  CPU Blades 16-Port 4/2/1Gb FC I/O Blades 4-Port 10Gb FC I/O Blades Power Supply Blades Fan Blades HyperStack Cables
SB9100 ENTRY Model 1 1 0 2 2 0
SB9200 BASE Model 2 2 0 2 2 0

16-port 8Gb blades may be ordered separately to supplement the above minimum configurations.


PDF File
Download the QLogic SANbox 9000 Series Datasheet  (PDF).


QLogic Products
QLogic 9000 Series Switches
QLogic SANbox SB9100 Fibre Channel Switch Chassis, 1 CPU, No I/O Blades, Front-to-Back Airflow, ESM License #SB9100-00A-E
List Price: $40,055.00
Our Price: $23,683.00
QLogic SANbox SB9100 Fibre Channel Switch Chassis, 1 CPU, No I/O Blades, Back-to-Front Airflow #SB9100-00B
List Price: $40,055.00
Our Price: $23,667.00