QLogic - The Ultimate in PerformanceQLogic SANbox Express 1400
10 Ports, 4Gbps Fibre Channel Switch

QLogic SANbox Express 1400 10 Ports, 4Gbps Fibre Channel Switch

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QLogic SANbox Express 1400 4Gbps Switch with SFPs #SB1404-10AJ-E Discontinued
QLogic SANbox Express 1400 4Gbps Switch without SFPs #SB1404-10AS Discontinued

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SanX ExpressOverview:

Though small in size, QLogic 1000 Series Switches deliver big-time capabilities. With ten ports of 4Gb throughput, the entry-level QLogic 1000 Series allows the smallest organizations to enjoy the high performance and consolidation benefits of storage networking.

Wizards guide you through installation and configuration, so you don't need to hire a SAN expert. Extensive interoperability testing has been performed on the switches, ensuring they work in virtually any environment, including yours. If all that doesn't get you, the price will. The QLogic 1000 Series are the most affordable SAN switches you can buy.

  • 10 4Gb device ports
  • Auto-sensing, self-configuring ports
  • SANsurfer® Express support
  • Configuration Wizard software tool to simplify switch installation and fabric scaling
  • In-band, out-of-band, Telnet and SNMP management access
  • 1U half-width rack form-factor
  • Non-Disruptive Code Load and Activation (NDCLA)
  • Interoperable with all FC-SW-2 compliant Fibre Channel switches
  • /O StreamGuard for RSCN Suppression
  • "No-Wait" routing – guaranteed maximum performance independent of data traffic

Plug and Play Installation
Simple wizard tools lead you through the installation and configuration of the SAN. Seamless integration with the optional SANsurfer Express tool provides management of your SAN plus Microsoft VDS compliant storage from a single tool!

Incredibly Low Cost
As an entry-level switch, its low cost means the smallest business can now afford and enjoy the benefits of networked storage without having to become a storage expert.

Small, Powerful Package
At only 2lbs and 6" deep, the SANbox 1400 requires only half a slot to maximize your rack usage. Now, two units can be placed in a single slot for a total of 20 ports in 1U - maximum port density and power with minimum investment!

Pervasive Interoperability
Interoperable with popular servers, storage and networking products from major manufacturers, including: ADIC, Brocade, Cisco, Computer Associates, Dell, EMC, Emulex, HDS, HP, IBM, LSI, McData, Microsoft, Quantum, StorageTek, Sun, VERITAS, and many others.

Technical Specifications:

Model SANbox Express 1400
Performance Features
Fabric Port Speed 4Gb/s, full-duplex, auto-negotiating for compatibility with existing 1Gb and 2Gb devices
Fabric Latency
  • Less than 0.4 μs (best case, no contention)
  • Cut-through routing
Fabric Point-to-Point Bandwidth 848 MB/s Full Duplex per port
Fabric Aggregate Bandwidth
  • Single chassis: Over 80 Gb/s (full duplex) end-to-end
  • Non-blocking architecture
Maximum Frame Sizes 2148 bytes (2112 byte payload)
Per-port Buffering
  • ASIC-embedded memory (non-shared)
  • Each port has a guaranteed 8-credit zero wait state buffer for full performance up to 10km
Ports Per Chassis (10) 4Gb / 2Gb / 1Gb ports
Multi Switch Fabrics
  • Supports E-port link to another switch • In-order delivery of frames in all multi-switch and multi-link configurations
Fabric Port Types
  • All ports can assume the following states:
    • F_port: Fabric
    • FL_port: Fabric loop (public loop)
    • E_port: Switch-to-switch (single connection)
  • Ports are auto-discovering, self-configuring
Media Type Hot-pluggable, industry-standard SFPs (Small Form Pluggable)
Supported SFP Types
  • Shortwave: 500 m (1,640 ft.)
  • Longwave: 10 km (6.2 mi.)
Media Transmission Ranges Optical
- Shortwave: 500 m (1,640 ft.)
- Longwave: 10 km (6.2 mi.)
Cable Types
  • 50/62.5 micron multimode fiber optic
  • 9 micron single-mode fiber optic
  • Compatible with FC-SW-2 compliant switches
  • Management interoperability with leading SAN management applications
Fabric Management
Management Processor Pentium class Processor
Management Methods SNMP, Telnet, GS-3
Access Methods
  • In-band
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT with RJ45
  • Power-up self-test of all functionality except media modules
  • Field-selectable full self-test including media modules
Fabric Services
  • Simple Name Server
  • Fabric Zoning
  • Registered State Change Notification (RSCN)
  • I/O StreamGuard™
User Interface LED indicators, command-line console, and web-based utilities
Fibre Channel Ports
  • Physical & Signaling Interface Rev. 4.3 (FC-PH)
  • Physical & Signaling Interface-2 (FC-PH-2)
  • Physical & Signaling Interface-3 (FC-PH-3)
  • Fabric Generic Requirements (FC-FG)
  • Generic Services (FC-GS)
  • Generic Services-2 (FC-GS-2)
  • Generic Services-3 (FC-GS-3)
  • Switch Fabric (FC-SW-2)
  • Arbitrated Loop Rev. 4.6 (FC-AL)
  • Arbitrated Loop-2 Rev. 7(FC-AL-2)
  • Fibre Loop Attachment (FC-FLA)
  • Tape Technical Report (FC-Tape)
  • Virtual Interface Architecture Mapping (FC-VI)
  • Element MIB Specification
  • Fibre Alliance MIB Specification
Fibre Channel Classes of Service Classes 2, 3 connectionless
Modes of Operation
  • Fabric
  • Public Loop
Enclosure Types and Options
  • Desktop/shelf top with included rubber feet
  • Optional rack mounting kit for mounting up to two SANbox 1400 units
  • Width: 190.5 mm (7.5" )
  • Height: 41.9 mm (1.65" ) (1U)
  • Depth: 155.6 mm (6.125")
Weight 1.1 kg (2 lbs 8 oz)
Power Supply/Cooling
  • External laptop-style power supply
  • Front to back airflow with integrated cooling fan
Environmental and Electrical
Operating Temperature 5 to 40 °C (41 to 104°F)
Non-Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40 to 158 °F)
Operating Humidity 15% to 90% noncondensing
Non-Operating Humidity 25% to 93% noncondensing
Operating Altitude 0 to +15,000 feet
Non-Operating Altitude 0 to +50,000 feet
Operating Vibration IEC 68-2
5-500 Hz, random, 0.21 G rms
Non-Operating Vibration IEC 68-2
5 to 500 Hz, random, 2.09 G rms,
Operating Shock IEC 68-2
4 g, 11ms, 20repetitions
Non-Operating Shock IEC 68-2
30g, 292 ips, 3 repetitions, 3 axis
Operating Voltage 90-265 Vac, 47-63 Hz
Power Source Loading 20VA
Heat Output 25W maximum (with full optics configuration)


PDF File
Download the QLogic SANbox 1400 Series Datasheet  (PDF).


QLogic Products
QLogic 1000 Series Switches
QLogic SANbox Express 1400 4Gbps Switch with SFPs #SB1404-10AJ-E Discontinued
QLogic SANbox Express 1400 4Gbps Switch without SFPs #SB1404-10AS Discontinued