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QLogic Intelligent Storage Routers provide low-cost SAN connectivity, and connect SANs over WANs.

QLogic 6100 Series

With the QLogic 6140, you can turn Fibre Channel storage into multi-protocol storage. That means that all of those servers on your IP LAN can now access the data stored on your SAN. And, best of all, the cost is less than $100 per server. In addition, you can use the QLogic 6142 to expand, bridge and connect SANs and servers across wide area IP networks.

QLogic 6100 Series
QLogic iSR6140QLogic iSR6140
Universal SAN Connectivity for Storage and Servers
QLogic iSR6142QLogic iSR6142
SAN over WAN Connectivity

QLogic 6200 Series

The QLogic 6200 Series of Intelligent Storage Routers provides a powerful and cost-effective protocol connectivity tool for medium-sized businesses up to the largest enterprises. The router allows cross-protocol routing for 8Gb Fibre Channel and 10GbE/1GbE iSCSI. The QLogic 6240, 6250, and 6260 Series Routers can be used to provide multi-protocol for host connectivity to storage systems, SAN-over-WAN connectivity for business continuity and disaster recovery, and a flexible data migration solution.

QLogic 6200 Series
QLogic iSR6240QLogic iSR6240
1GbE-iSCSI-to-8Gb-Fibre Channel, multi-protocol, distance, and iSCSI connectivity
QLogic iSR6250QLogic iSR6250
1/10GbE-iSCSI-to-8Gb-Fibre Channel, multi-protocol, distance, and iSCSI connectivity
QLogic iSR6260QLogic iSR6260
8Gb-Fibre Channel, 1GbE-iSCSI, 8Gb-SAN connectivity, SAN over WAN and iSCSI connectivity