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Data Center Trends
High-bandwidth networking infrastructures and faster server I/O solutions

Data centers are being pushed to their limits by a number of recent advances in infrastructure technologies. The escalating deployments of servers with multi-core processors, aggregation of applications on virtualized servers, convergence of data and storage infrastructures, along with demanding, high-traffic applications, such as database clusters, video-on-demand, and other mission-critical, high-throughput applications, are driving the need for high-bandwidth networking infrastructures and faster server I/O solutions.


Consolidation Optimizing Data Center Resources

High through-put applications are driving the need for high-bandwidth networking infrastructures and faster server I/O solutions based upon 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE).


Convergence A Unified Data Center Fabric

Convergence of the storage and data networking infrastructure complements the benefits of server virtualization and facilitates the evolution to a utility-based IT operation.


Virtualization Increasing Resource Utilization

Virtualization increases resource utilization, lowers costs, increases flexibility, and provides the ability for IT to respond to elastic demands for resources as IT transitions to a highly effective, service-oriented operation.

Next-Generation Servers

Next-Gen Servers QLogic Enhances I/O in Intel Xeon E5 Processor

The new Intel® motherboards are driving expanded requirements for network I/O infrastructure. The QLogic product portfolio complements Intel's portfolio by enabling increased compute density and improved I/O performance.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Completing the Journey

As IT organizations struggle to support ever increasing demands for performance, availability, and rapid deployment, the requirement to do more with less remains paramount. This has led to the introduction of utility-like solutions, which extend data center capabilities by enabling on-demand, elastic access to a shared pool of resources in the cloud.

High-Performance SANs

High-Performance SANs High-Performance SANs

QLogic 16Gb Fibre Channel Adapters provides increased bandwidth to enhance hypervisor virtualization capabilities, reach greater consolidation of physical servers and offer better control. QLogic's unique port isolation supports high availability and linear performance scalability across all ports and is only available from the industry’s leader in high performing (SAN) adapters.